Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is the strongest of the various Kratoms and thus commands a bit higher price than the Bali Kratom.  Our Kratom is packaged in four convenient sizes.  All of our capsules are 1 gram so it is very easy for the customer so see exactly what he/she is buying.  Our packaging is eye catching and distinctive.  All you need to do is to place the Kratom where your customer can see it and the product will do the rest for you.  After your customers buy it, they will become  repeat customers  We have no minimum orders, we sell each size by the 12 pack.  Our shipping is flat rate so the more you buy the more shipping you save.

At this time we are unable to ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Vermont

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Due to pressure from the government, Royal Kratom has decided not to have an on-line presence.

Royal Kratom will no longer be available for purchase on the internet after April 22nd . If you are an existing customer, you will still be able to purchase Royal Kratom by email or telephone. If you wish to be amongst the elite Kratom buyers in the United States, please purchase your Kratom before April 23rd.


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  • Wholesale Maeng Da Kratom 10 Caps 12 Packages$54.00

     Wholesale Maeng Da Kratom 10 Pack

    MSRP $9.00 Pack

    Wholesale 4.50 Pack  X 12 Packs = $54.00

    10 Capsules = 10 Grams

  • Wholesale Maeng Da Kratom 20 Caps 12 Packages$96.00

     Wholesale Maeng Da Kratom 20 Pack

    MSRP $16.00Pack

    Wholesale $8.00 Pack  X 12 Packs = $96.00

    20 Capsules = 20 Grams

  • Wholesale Maeng Da Kratom 40 Caps 12 packages$192.00

     Wholesale Maeng Da Kratom 40 Pack

    MSRP $32.00 Pack

    Wholesale $16.00 Pack  X 12 Packs = $192

    40 Capsules = 40 Grams

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